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Arab Physician Company (APCO) is one of the leading companies in the world of medical supplies and skin care in terms of providing the best quality in affordable and distinctive prices, and features modern marketing methods which follow the modern and updated issues in the medical and skin care fields.

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Medical supplies

          For All Your                Medical Supplies        Equipments and Devices

To provide quality home care products while maximizing customer satisfaction in order to be realized as a responsible

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Dead Sea Products

                Dead Sea                   Your Skin Care                    for Your Luxury 

The Dead sea is the lowest point on earth (1312 ft below the sea level), located in the heart of the holy land

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Skin care products

      Because What Goes               On Your Skin                        Goes In 

there is no age limit for the appearance of certain annoying lines or wrinkles as a consequence of a hard day 

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Business Philosophy & Orientation Toward The Future

** Emphasis on excellence after-sales services and ensures customer satisfaction. ** Find all that is new in the field of medical supplies, skin care to be submitted to the local market. ** Open new branches across the Kingdom to deliver our services to our customers in their regions. ** Update e-sale system to make it easier for our customers to order their products... Read more

Our mission

Since establishment, we strive to provide all that is new in the world, through participating in world conferences and discussions looking for new and evolving global technology to put the world in the hands of our customers, and to provide the best skin care brands and the latest medical supplies and equipements. Read more

Our Vision

We aspire to expand and establish branches in all parts of the Kingdom, in addition to strengthen our engagement internationally to provide best quality services efficiently. And by participating in conferences and discussions looking for that is new and unique in the world of skin care and medical supplies. Read more

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Personal care products

Personal care products

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